• Full Mouth teeth on implants in 24 hours.
  • Guided implant surgery from start to finish.
  • Full mouth dental implant restoration in just 1 day.
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Why DH Smile Center?

#1 We’ve got the experience

Dental ImplantsIn the current-day scenario, you have an endless number of dental surgeons and facilities to choose from to get the aesthetics and functionality of your teeth fixed. But then again, this is somewhat of a double-edged sword. Ask anyone who has had dental procedures performed by unscrupulous dental practitioners, and they will tell you how the initial, seemingly “money-saving”dental treatment ended up costing more than they had bargained for. These “bargain” dental offers are often followed by multiple successive treatments to fix the non-ideal outcome, leaving you with average to poor results and a big bill in the end.

This is exactly why the DH Smile Center emphasizes on the need for research before you narrow in on one dentist or clinic. Here’s a checklist of questions that you need to ask, before you make your decision:

  • What do the other patients have to say about treatment and results?
  • What do the patient testimonials say?
  • What do the online patient reviews signal?
  • How are the before and after pictures? (The real ones)
  • How long had the dentist been in practice?
  • What are the credentials of the dentist?
  • Will the entire procedure be carried out by the dentist or will you be referred to other dentists or denturists for some parts of the procedure? In which case, whom should you be contacting in the event that a problem arises?
  • What is the state of the equipment used in the dental facility?
  • How competent and knowledgeable is the dental staff at the clinic?

At the DH Smile Center, we have the evidence to back our claims. Our dental facility is one of the only two Canadian facilities to join the league of the Leading Dental Centers of the World. Dr. Dan Hagi has extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of dentistry. However, his primary focus remains same-day installation of dental implants and the All-on-4 protocols. So you get,

Same-day Treatment from just One Experienced Dentist

#2 You’ll Notice the DH Smile Center Difference

Surgical experience and dexterity are both key considerations with an All-on-4 dental implant procedure. Since it does not feature in the traditional dental school, it can only be mastered through years of training and experience. This is why Dr. Hagi is among a relatively small group of doctors able to deliver this treatment. Dr. Hagi has also improved the traditional All-on-4 dental implant technique during his many years of dental practice to offer better level of care and results to patients.

At the DH Smile Center we do things a little differently than nearly 99 percent of the dental providers that are out there. While a vast majority of practitioners employ a converted-denture method to convert a denture in a tentative hybrid to be used in the implant surgery, we fabricate the hybrid PMMA bridge for your All-on-4 implant procedure to be inserted right after surgery, simply because we have the means and the methods to do so.

The best part about choosing the DH Smile Center is that the entire Hagi V4 protocol, with about four to six implants alongside full-set replacement teeth per arch takes just a single appointment! The dental implant procedure would otherwise take at least five to six dental visits, as in the case of a vast majority of dental operators. This way, you can get your teeth to function optimally in no time and your smile back too. Your life or choices do not have to be put on hold for weeks or months waiting for your teeth to be fixed. You can get to eating your favourite foods in not time!

Are you ready to experience the DH Smile Center difference?

#3 Cutting-edge Equipment, Technology and Facilities

Advanced Dental EquipmentAt the Toronto based DH Smile Center, we use the latest advanced dental equipment and technology in our procedures; this not only makes the process simpler, but makes it more convenient for you, and also yields the best results taking a shorter duration than procedures that use dated technique or equipment would. Many dental clinics still employ age-old techniques and equipment in treatment, but we look at investing in ground-breaking technology as a natural step toward improving the quality of patient care.

For instance, we use computer-guided techniques during the implant surgery. Dr. Hagi utilizes a 3D imaging system during the surgery, which enhances the precision, safety and results drastically. The 3D imaging system allows us to gauge the anatomy of the patient’s dental structure with greater accuracy, while the provisional teeth set can be fabricated even before you step into the clinic. This means your implants are safely and accurately placed in three hours or less, cutting the typical procedural time nearly in half!

Even something as simple as obtaining an imprint to fabricate the dental restoration is digitized at our technologically-advanced facility. We use an Carestream CS3600 system, as opposed to the goopy substance that is used in traditional methods, so our ceramists have more precise digital impressions to work with during fabrication. This not only improves the patient comfort, but also yields improved results with restorations perfectly matched to the requirement of each patient.

We do not outsource any part of the restorative procedure, which means you will not be hopping from one dentist’s/denturist’s office to another during your treatment, as you would in the case of many dental clinics. We utilize our excellent expertise, experience, treatment protocol and technology to build long lasting restorations in a short time frame.

Rest assured, your implant surgery and placement of one or more restorative teeth will all be carried out under one roof, at the DH Smile Center.

Get the smile of your dreams, right here!

#4 Affordable Dental Fees

One of the biggest advantages of choosing the DH Smile Center is that our dental services are streamlined. The expertise and cutting-edge technology used at our clinic, allow otherwise time-consuming procedures such as surgical placement of dental implants and supported teeth to be done within three hours! We save you time and money!

We offer All-in-4 dental implant procedures at some of the most competitive prices in Toronto. Factor in the superior and unique selection of material and expertise, and you know that you have got yourself more than just a good deal.

Why do we charge less for a world-class treatment? We know referrals from satisfied patients are the best source of new patients. After experiencing the DH Smile Center difference, you’ll want to tell everyone!

Quality dental care can also be affordable!

#5 Warranty

At the DH Smile Center, we follow up our quality dental service with a reliable warranty to show our commitment. All our dental prosthetics and procedures under warranty will be covered by us at 100% no cost to you, in the event something happens. In the event that your implants suffer a failure, you can step into our dental facility and Dr. Dan Hagi will replace the problematic implant with a new one charging no additional fee for the work or materials. The same goes with corrective dental implant procedures that come under warranty. We believe that our relationship with our patients should be built on mutual-trust and we stand by our commitment to you.

We know how to honour our commitment to you!

For more information or questions on dental treatments, get in touch with us at 1-866-539-5064 or stop by our Toronto dental clinic and we will be more than glad to be of assistance. We look forward to hearing from you!