• Full Mouth teeth on implants in 24 hours.
  • Guided implant surgery from start to finish.
  • Full mouth dental implant restoration in just 1 day.
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All-on-4 Implant Solution

All-on-4 Implant Solution

The DH Smile Center is among the few dental clinics that offer a metal-reinforced final bridge in as little as 24 hours. If your tooth loss or tooth decay condition is severe, you wear dentures or if you are unable to get traditional implants due to inadequate jawbone structure, then an All-on-4 implant solution may be the right solution for you. Our advanced All-on-4 implant procedure can make use as little as just four implants to install a customized bridge, making it suitable for cases when the bone density in the jaw structure is low. The procedure often does not require any additional bone grafting either. Patients can go home with a customized final bridge within as little as 24 hours, all thanks to our advanced All-on-4 implant protocol.


Our experienced team utilize 3D intra-oral scanners, CT scans, digital cameras and other advanced technology and software to accurately plan and help execute fully guided surgery and reconstruction. This leads to a predictable, high quality outcome every time. You wouldn’t build a house without a plan, and we wouldn’t build your perfect smile without one, either.


We have a milling center and lab equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology, thanks to which we are able to fabricate different prosthetics in record time. We are able to provide metal reinforced customized hybrid, resin, and zirconia bridges within a very short time frame. This means we are equipped to provide you with the best restorative options that fit your budget.


We have the experience and the expertise to perform the All-on-4 implant placement surgery on nearly all cases, including those where patients have been turned down by other dental practitioners.

Patient care

With patient care and satisfaction at the heart of our dental services, we ensure that patients have a hassle-free experience from the time that they step into our dental facility to the time they return home with consistent and satisfactory results. We are always ready to go the extra mile for our patients.

Hagi V4 implant Solution

At the DH Smile Center, we mean it when we say you will have a customized dental prosthetic in just 24 hours, and you will not have to run around visiting multiple dental facilities for this, our dental clinic is well-equipped to tackle all aspects of the procedure from surgery to fabrication. Our experts take under two hours to place the dental implants and secure a set of temporary custom PMMA hybrid dental bridges. When you return in as few as 24 hours later we will install the final bridge for the most favourable results. You’ll be heading home with fixed teeth on the very next day, so you can relish your favourite foods right away!

Type of dental facility Referring Dental Practice Corporate Facility DH Smile Center
Expertise Unknown Multiple practitioners of different expertise levels Trusted medical practitioner with established experience in dental implantology and the All-on-4 dental procedure
Duration Takes 3-10 dental visits, multiple dental facilities Takes 3-10 dental visits, single dental facility Takes just 2-6 visits, final teeth often the next day, one dental facility
Technique Converted denture method Converted denture method Custom-milled hybrid bridge method and final customized bridge
Fabrication Outsourced to lab due to absence of in-house denture lab Done in an in-house denture lab Done in a milling center with state of the art equipment
Expenses Starts at $25,000 Starts at $25,000 Starts at $19,500