Common Causes For Tooth Loss

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Everyone is susceptible to tooth decay and tooth loss in old age is common, but that doesn’t mean that you should just accept it and deal with the consequences later. Tooth loss for many is preventable.

Tooth Loss Causes

If you have lost a tooth or several teeth, dental implants will remain your best option for replacing them. These implants act just as your natural teeth do and give your mouth the ability to act as it would without missing teeth.

The causes for missing teeth can be grouped into two general categories: trauma and disease. Of course, there are those whose baby teeth are never replaced by an adult one, but that should be of no surprise as the congenital absence would have been noticeable as a child.

Trauma Means Physical Stress

The outside of your teeth are remarkably strong, but when it comes to taking a hit they can only handle so much force without breaking. Sometimes accidents happen – you end up slipping and falling on your face or you get hit in the mouth during a sporting event. In times like these, the trauma is generally not preventable. However not wearing a mouth guard while playing contact sports leaves your teeth vulnerable to fast moving objects and flying body parts.

Clenching and grinding, which can happen subconsciously while you’re distressed or in your sleep, can be managed by either wearing a guard at night or noticing how your body responds to stress during the day.

Times where trauma is preventable are often seen when the mouth is being misused. Do not use your teeth in place of tools to open bottles or crack shells while consuming seafood. If the tool you’re replacing is made of metal, think about the amount of pressure you’re placing your mouth under. Avoid chewing on hard substances such as ice cubes and fruits pits to prevent chipping and cracking.

Non-Dental Related Diseases Can Also Take Your Teeth Away

Periodontal disease can affect gum health and even diminish the integrity of the bone that anchors your teeth; however there are other health issues that can lead to tooth loss. Poor nutrition can lead to difficulty in fighting infection, making your body more susceptible to gum disease.

Diabetes Has Broad Effects That Might Even Affect Your Smile

If you suffer from diabetes, you’re at a small but significantly higher risk of losing a tooth as a result of your condition. A number of reasons have been attributed to the disease explaining why diabetes is so hard on your teeth including:

  • Hyperglycemia changes the way your body works, making your gums less healthy to begin with, and weaker gums means a weaker defense against tooth decay
  • High glucose levels in your saliva supports the bad bacteria in your mouth which produce acid and eat away at your enamel

If you have experienced tooth loss and are looking to replace your teeth with strong, lasting dental implants, talk to the team at Thornhill Smile Centre today!


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