How To Design The Perfect Smile

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Not too long ago, it would have been crazy to think that a person could have a medically engineered perfect smile. Today, this is simply just another benefit of modern cosmetic dentistry, one that has helped boost thousands of patients’ self-esteem, and give them the natural smile they have always dreamed of.

Designing The Perfect Smile

Creating your Custom Smile

No two people are the same, and this applies to our mouths and teeth as well. Dentists specializing in custom smile design procedures understand their patients have individual needs, which is why they work with them to create a custom curve that highlights each person’s best facial attributes.

Who would have ever thought you could walk into your dentist’s office and make a list of features you want, than walk out with a new smile? It may seem farfetched to those who have not heard of the procedure, but thousands people have already benefited from custom smile creations.

Creating your Ideal Smile Step-by-Step

The cardinal rule of smile design is to mimic one’s natural appearance as close as possible, matching the size of the teeth with the size of the mouth. An experienced cosmetic dentist will thus take multiple factors into account when going through the design process, including ensuring the color shading scale does not appear unnatural.

There is such a thing as having too white of teeth, and your dentist will carefully examine the characteristics of your skin tone to come up with a design that meets both it and your personal preferences.

Patients are welcome to voice any questions or concerns they may have during the initial consultation, as this will facilitate the smile design process and ensure they are fully satisfied with the results. Of course, numerous technical factors must also be taken into consideration before the procedure can be completed.

Things like central incisor width and height ratio, mesial inclination, midline placement and cant, custom color shading, gum line symmetry, gum line margin heights, gingival zenith, and much more will be thoroughly evaluated by your dentist.

While you do not necessarily need to know the details of the procedure, being aware of how custom smile creation works will eliminate any anxiety or apprehension you may have about it! Be sure to look at before and after examples of your dentist’s previous patients to get a comprehensive idea of what the procedure results in.

If you’re interested in getting a custom-designed smile, contact Thornhill Smile Centre today!


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