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What’s Your Best Option: All-On-4, 5 Or 6?

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Same-day dental implants are a clear improvement over the long and often painful process of removing the teeth and having to wait for dental implants to heal while wearing dentures. The temporary and final sets of teeth are attached to dental implants that will eventually fuse into the bone so it’s stable and will last for a long time. When 4, 5, or 6 dental implants are inserted, that forms a strong foundation for dental bridges or dentures.

All-On-4, 5 or 6?

The dentist will space out the implants for the optimal geometric shape. Depending on the circumstance, the dentist will have to use more or less to achieve the desired stability for the underlying support. If your dental bone is insufficient, such as when periodontal disease has penetrated deeply past your gums, the dentist may use up to 6 implants as anchors.

Is it still a same-day procedure?

Luckily the answer is yes! The benefits of extracting and implanting teeth on the same day apply to this procedure. There is reduced cost as you only have to apply the anesthesia once and you don’t have to live for months with temporary removable dentures. You may resume your daily life immediately (talking, eating, and smiling) without have to worry about not having a full set of functioning teeth.

The all-on-4, 5, or 6 is performed using a thorough plan that was devised during consultation with the patient. To get the full picture of your dental health CT scans, digital models, pictures and other information about your teeth are gathered and considered in a comprehensive strategy.

This procedure recognizes that partially working bone still serves a purpose. Bone that would usually be removed when extraction and implants are separately done remain in place instead. We want to keep your bones as strong as possible to help your implants fuse and set after your mouth has fully healed.

As you can see, this option means that patients can walk in with seriously degraded teeth and dental bone and walk out with a full set of permanent, functioning teeth. The surgery is performed under sedation so that patients won’t have to feel a thing.


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