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Foods To Avoid After Zirconia Ceramic Dental Implants

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Even when all the necessary steps are taken to ensure optimal oral hygiene, sometimes there are unforeseen complications that require a little work. If you have tooth damage or oral trauma, it is important to receive dental treatment before the situation worsens.

Zirconia Implants

Your oral health has a tremendous impact on your body and overall health, yet it is often overlooked. Similarly, dental work can have significant implications on your health, which is why you need to be prepared before going into any procedure, especially dental implants.

Although good hygiene, rest and refraining from smoking will help ensure that your implants heal properly, an equally important ingredient for a smooth recovery is diet.

Restricting your diet is tough, but, for at least the first week, stay away from chewy, crunchy and hard foods. We’re talking junk food items like chips, cookies and microwavable popcorn, as well as healthy foods like hard fruits, raw vegetables, salads and seeds. These items may prevent the healing process and will most likely be uncomfortable to consume. Additionally, very high or low temperatures may cause pain or even open the new wound. Allow for hot meals to cool to a warm temperature before eating.

We advise most patients to only eat soft-foods for the first week of recovery. Then, after about seven days, the patient can start introducing chewier or harder cravings.

Here is a list of go-to food items to keep you healthy and satisfied throughout recovery:


Staying hydrated is essential for your immune system to function well. Drink lots of water. Make H2O your best friend pre- and post-surgery. Nothing will keep you more hydrated than water. However, do not drink any liquids through a straw or the first 48 hours, as the shape may irritate new implants. Alcohol should also be avoided during your recovery period.

Grains and Starches

You are an honorary Italian during your first week of recovery. Cooked carbs like pasta are a safe bet when it comes to keeping your new implants intact. Cooked grains will keep your hunger satisfied and your month away from hard foods.

For breakfast, try oatmeal or other soft cereals; for lunch or dinner, chow down on noodles, quinoa, rice, mash potatoes and soft bread; and dessert, enjoy Jell-O!

Soft Fruits and Vegetables

Ripe bananas, melons, peaches and most berries (ones without seeds) are often good choices. For fruits you would normally bite into, like peaches, cut them into small pieces first. Cooked or steamed vegetables are also great and easy options, as well as vegetable-based sauces and soups.


Soft proteins like eggs, beans and seafood, as well as dairy or dairy-alternative products such as cheese, milk and yogurt are safe to consume and are gentle on your new implants.

If you’re looking for exact dietary restrictions and guidelines, your dental surgeon will be able to best direct you on what you can and cannot consume. Talk to our team today for more information!


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