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4 Questions To Ask Your Dental Surgeon During A Consultation

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It’s important that you have as much information as possible at your disposal before you make a decision on your dental surgery. The dental surgery process is deeply personal and will impact your life for the long-term, and so it’s important that you make the right choice about your oral health needs during this process.

Consultation With Dental Surgeon

As experts in this area, we’re here to help guide you. In this latest post, we present four questions to ask your dental surgeon during a consultation.

  1. What Will My Recovery Involve?

    It’s important to start with your recovery process. Asking the surgeon this question will allow you to concentrate on the element that you can play a role within: your recovery. Ask the surgeon to detail how long they expect you to take for a complete recovery. You should also ask them about your dietary and exercise restrictions during the recovery phase. This will give you a good idea of what to expect immediately after the procedure.

  2. What are my Anesthesia Options?

    Patients are often given several options for anesthesia during oral surgery procedures. The options available depend upon the location of the office and the tools available within that location. There are options that allow you to be awake during the procedure, and anesthesia products that help you sleep through the entire process. By asking the surgeon this question, you can gain a full understanding on the options available.

  3. What are the Risks/Complications for the Procedure?

    While it’s important not to focus too intently on the risks associated with this procedure, information related to these risks will help you understand the process in greater detail. The surgeon will detail the complications that may arise and they will highlight what you can do to minimize the potential for complications.

By asking the highlighted questions, you can improve your understanding of your dental surgery procedure and gain a clear insight on your path toward recovery. To learn more on questions to ask your dental surgeon, speak with our office team today!


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