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4 Ways Your Health Habits Affect Your Dental Implant Healing

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After your dental implant procedure, you’re likely hoping for a short recovery time in which you experience only a small amount of discomfort. Many patients are able to achieve this type of seamless recovery, but some are not so fortunate. Fortunately, you can play a role in the speed and comfort of your recovery process. Within this article, we’ll look at four ways your health habits affect your dental implant healing.

Dental Implant Healing

  1. Smoking Slows Down the Healing Process

    When you smoke, you can prevent your body from healing quickly after the dental implant procedure. Cigarettes contain various chemicals that may interact with the chemicals in your post procedure medication, impacting the healing process. Smoking may also cause dry sockets, which is a painful condition in which a blood clot becomes dislodged. The act of smoking can pull the clot from the hole in the implant area.

  2. Hot Liquids May Increase Chances of Bleeding

    One common piece of advice provided to patients during dental implant operation recovery is to avoid hot liquids such as coffee or tea. Not only can the caffeine from these drinks impact your recovery process, potentially interacting with your medications, but the temperature of the liquids may also increase the flow of blood within the area, and lead to your gums bleeding again within a short timeframe.

  3. Impact Sports Can Increase Recovery Issues

    When recovering from dental implant procedures, it’s important that you avoid playing sports such as rugby, hockey, and football for the weeks after the procedure. While most players will wear helmets, these helmets may become dislodged during play, leaving your dental implant vulnerable to impact during the game. Any slight impact can dislodge the implant, potentially damaging other areas of your mouth and requiring you to have further surgery.

  4. Candies and Nuts Can Damage Implants

    All hard foods are potentially dangerous during the healing process. But candies and nuts in particularly are known to have a significant impact on new implants. While the bone interface of the implant is weak during the recovery stages, it’s important to avoid candies and nuts that may place pressure on the tooth and the surrounding area.

By remaining informed on the optimal exercise and dietary habits for implant surgery recovery, you can ensure the success of your implant procedure. To learn more, contact our office team today.


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