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3 Ways Your Dental Implant Is Improving Your Health

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Considering how long modern dentistry has been around, dental implants are a relatively recent development. Prior to these synthetic teeth, the only alternatives to the gaps left behind by tooth extractions were dentures and bridges.

Dental Implants

Make no mistake, the latter are worn by millions of people, and many patients are fitted with them every day. However, there is no denying the benefits afforded by implants, for they are the only product that most closely mimics the look and function of one’s natural teeth.

Although no man made device will ever fully replicate the appearance and durability of real teeth, you would be hard pressed to find a more suitable alternative. The reason why implants have become an increasingly popular tooth replacement option lies in their unique design.

Whereas dentures and bridges are fitted on top of the gum line, implants are drilled directly into the jawbone, where they eventually fuse with one’s bone and gum tissue through a process called osseointegration. This is what gives implants their extreme strength and longevity. Once the process has completely finished, the implant is permanently embedded in the patient’s mouth.

One crucial reason why more and more dentists are recommending implants to their patients is the fact that they greatly reduce the rate of jawbone loss in comparison to alternative treatments. Bone loss occurs naturally over time, and while little can be done to reverse the process, implants have been found to significantly slow the progression of this condition.

Another important advantage that implants have over bridges is that unlike the latter, they don’t require healthy, supporting teeth to be ground down for support purposes. The structure of your natural teeth can never be restored once destroyed, and this in turn affects their functionality and overall longevity as well.

Aside from the immediate benefits posited by implants, one of the all-time benefits is their ability to prevent gum disease and other major oral health afflictions. By reducing your risk of periodontal disease, you are also keeping numerous other health concerns (E.g. cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, strokes, etc.) at bay.

Implants are thus vital from a short and long-term perspective, and well worth the investment if you need to have a tooth replaced. If you have any questions about the procedure, be sure to ask the team at Thornhill Smile Centre today.


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