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4 Benefits Of Implants Over Bridges

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Are you torn between choosing dental implants or bridges for your next tooth replacement? There are a few key differences between these devices, and while each has its own set of pros and cons, implants do have the upper edge in terms of benefits to the patient.

Implants Over Bridges

Some of these are more valuable than others, but all in all the collective reason why implants tend to be the best option for people needing to replace a damaged or infected tooth.

Implants vs. bridges (and why implants are the clear winner)

It wasn’t long ago that patients who lost a tooth had no choice but to have a three-tooth bridge inserted, a procedure that requires grinding down the adjacent teeth to create the supporting structure.

The main downside to this operation is that removing the surface of the healthy teeth thereby causes them to lose their longevity and ultimately puts them at a greater risk for contracting gum disease and other oral health problems.

Grinding teeth naturally puts them into a weakened state, which is why implants are typically the more favored replacement method. Implants do not require additional support, as they are inserted into and fused with the jawbone.

Permanent placement, jawbone preservation, and more

After the dentist has placed the proper fitting, the device is screwed into the bone where it will become permanently attached; and it is this permanency that gives implants their greatest advantage over bridges.

In addition and because they do not interfere with the adjacent teeth in a patient’s mouth, implants also slow the rate of gradual jawbone loss that occurs in everyone. While this may not be critical for younger patients or those that have not yet been subjected to marked bone loss, it is definitely others need to take into consideration when selecting between implants and bridges.

As far as their look and feel are concerned, implant have no rival. If you want your replacement tooth to perform just as well as your natural teeth as well as look the part, you won’t find a better alternative. Sure, this comes at a bit of a higher price, but it’s the long-term results definitely make implants an amazing solution.

If you want to learn more about dental implants or have questions about your upcoming appointment, feel free to give the team at Thornhill Smile Centre a call, today.


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