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4 Reasons You Want To Have Implants Placed Same Day As Extraction

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If you’ve talked to a friend about their dental implants, they probably talked about how long and sometimes uncomfortable the procedure can be. Fortunately, there’s a better way to replace your missing teeth, which benefits more than your schedule and your comfort; it’s also an asset to your bank account.

Same Dental Implants Extraction

Am I really saving money doing the procedures at once?

You might think that the amount of time you’re spending under the knife and at the dentist’s office is the same regardless of whether or not you’re breaking the surgeries up. You will end up saving time when same day extraction and implantation uses a different procedure that’s less invasive. In other cases, the time you save by combining the procedures may not be significant, but you will be saving money by reducing the since you will be undergoing surgery once instead of twice and likely require less grafting.

How does this make my life easier?

In addition to taking time off of work and family responsibilities on two occasions instead of one, you will also have to live with gaps in your teeth while your mouth heals anywhere from a few to several months.

Depending on the placement and size of these gaps, eating, talking, and smiling may be seriously affected for months. If you are looking at minimizing the inconvenience of healing from extraction for months, same-day procedures is the perfect solution.

Is it equally effective?

We can control things like initial stability of implants by using a larger diameter for the implant than the tooth that was there before. This anchors the tooth and helps it heal straight as you’re using it before it fully fuses to the bone.

Also, we your dentist will go through extensive planning to make sure that everything is going to go exactly right. Everything from the placement of the sutures to the angle of cut is thought of in advance so be prepared for one or more thorough consultations with the dentist.

For more information on replacing your extraction with an implant in the same day, contact our team of experts today!


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