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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dental Implants

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The advent of dental implants has made the world of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry better able to repair and restore broken or damaged teeth. Dental implants are safe, attractive, durable and look and feel like natural teeth. The technology and procedural know-how behind dental implants is actually quite sophisticated. Here are 5 things you may not have known about dental implants.

Facts On Dental Implants

They promote jaw bone health. Dental implants function in the same way that natural tooth roots do. They adhere to and provide the stimulation to your jawbone that is necessary for it to remain healthy and continue producing new bone cells. Without the creation of the new cells, bone naturally shrinks and can create periodontal complications.

They do not impact eating. Dentures and partial dentures interfere with eating habits, this is why many people with dentures remove them while eating. Implants recreate your natural bite and therefore do not interfere with chewing and natural jaw movement while eating.

Maintenance of a healthy bite. Implants allow you to maintain a bite-force of up to 200 pounds of pressure, meaning you can be confident that you will be able to chew and masticate the same foods you were eating pre-implant procedure. Dentures are known to weaken bite-force by magnitudes, sometimes to as low as 6 pounds of pressure.

Implants are comfortable. Many people who opt for dentures begin to notice that at around the five year mark, sometimes sooner, their dentures start feeling quite uncomfortable. This is directly related to loss of bone and requires denture wearers to be fitted for and purchase new ones every five years or so. Expensive and uncomfortable.

Partials create issues for surrounding teeth. Partial dentures are affixed to surrounding teeth with hooks and therefore have a bad habit of causing decay. Implants are identical in almost every way to your natural teeth and do not cause the oral and dental health problems that dentures can.

Dental implants are ideal for people looking to repair broken or damaged teeth. They are the best fitting and easiest to maintain and recreate and conform to the natural biological environment of your mouth almost perfectly. The complications that can arise with dentures are not present with dental implants and as a long-term decision, especially when it comes to maintenance, cosmetic appeal and natural feel in your mouth, implants are second to none. Speak to your dentist or periodontist about implants during your next visit to find out more.


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