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Can Dental Implants be Coloured to Match the Rest of Your Teeth?

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When it comes to dental implants, you don’t want to rush into a decision. There is, after all, a lot at stake.

Dental Implant Colours

Older people are more likely than the rest of the population to get dental implants, and they’re also more likely than most other demographics to have slightly yellowish teeth.

If you find yourself requiring dental implants and have teeth that are a bit yellowed, you’ll want implants that match the teeth that are already in your mouth. Otherwise, your smile will stand out for the wrong reasons.

Fortunately, there are ways to color your dental implants so that you can show off your beautiful, toothy smile for all to see. Read on for some details on selecting the color of your dental implants.

Selecting the right color

You can select implants in various shades. Again, if you’re older and have teeth that are off-white, then you’ll want to consult with your dentist or oral surgeon to find the right shade to match your real teeth. Prior to deciding on a specific shade, your dentist might actually advise you to undergo a teeth-whitening procedure so that your teeth are as white as can be. Once you’ve done that, you can go about the process of choosing the most appropriate shade.

One mouth, different colors

Although you want to select the right color to match your real teeth, you also need to remember that each of the real teeth in your mouth may be of different shades, which could make the process of deciding on a specific dental implant color more difficult.

Here’s a rule of thumb that can help you in such situations: The eye teeth are usually a darker hue than the other teeth, the front teeth are typically the brightest, and the molars are usually a shade between the color of the eye teeth and the front teeth. If you find yourself needing dental implants, the thing to do is to get a dental implant color that is the shade of the teeth that are adjacent to the space.

The multi-colored tooth

Even though your dentist will probably request that you select one shade for your dental implants, you should be mindful of the fact that the implants may very well be made up of numerous different shades, since natural teeth are not all white but are, in fact, different shades. Getting implants that accommodate for this is critical since it will result in dental implants that truly look as though they are natural.

By engaging in proper consultation with your dentist, you can select the right color for your dental implants, and the right choice will leave you with dental implants that look as convincing as your real teeth. Now that’s something to smile about!


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