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Can You Leave a Gap Where a Tooth Was Removed, or Do You Need Implants?

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If you’re planning on getting dental implants, you may be wondering how long the entire procedure will take. Dental implants can require a number of phases in order to provide the best results.

Dental Implant Process

Understanding the procedure, and the steps required to complete it, will help you determine how long it will take before you get the great results you’re looking for.

Preparing Your Dental Implants

In order to prepare for a dental implant procedure, you need to undergo an evaluation with a skilled dental professional. This allows your dentist to examine your current condition and determine the best options for your individual case.

Some patients require bone grafting, which can extend the process for up to six months. This often occurs a tooth has been missing for an extended period of time and has resulted in significant bone loss. It also highlights the importance of addressing your dental issues as soon as possible. Early treatment will prevent more serious and costly procedures in the future.

Implanting the Root for Your Implant

After the preparation stage, your dentist will place the root of the implant into the bone. Once inserted, the implant becomes more secure as the surrounding bone heals.

The entire healing process may take up to six months. Actual recovery time will depend on many factors, but the implant procedure itself can be completed in 1–2 hours.

This is a critical phase in the process. The implant root is the foundation for a healthy implant and will influence the results you get once the replacement tooth is applied.

Abutment Attachment

The next step is to attach the abutment, which is the connecting component that joins the implant with the replacement tooth. This works to anchor the tooth in place and provides greater stability.

Creating the replacement tooth is done after your dentist creates an impression of your mouth. This allows you to determine the shape and size that will provide the greatest results. The replacement tooth is created in a laboratory according the specific measurements taken by your dentist. It can generally take up to two weeks for the replacement to be completed.

Once this phase is done, you’ll need one brief appointment to place the tooth inside the mouth.

Understanding the dental implant process helps you determine how long it will take for you to get your missing tooth replaced. This can give you a better idea of the time and cost investment you’ll need to make, and ensure that you have successful implant procedure with great results


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