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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

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You just completed your semi-annual dental check-up, and have been informed that implants can be used to replace a long standing missing tooth. You brush and floss your teeth twice each day, and take relatively good care of your mouth, but the procedure is still presenting itself as a necessary step in your oral care.

Dental Implants Cost

This is where it pays not to make the same mistake that many patients do, which is to avoid your doctor’s advise and let the condition get worse. While no one expects or positively anticipates having dental surgery, the long-term benefits of getting an implant now greatly outweigh the initial cost of the treatment.

What will I pay for an implant?

Cost is often noted as one of the top reasons why patients put such things on the backburner, but depending on your dental insurance and which dentist you decide to go to, the price may not be as high as you may think.

Ask yourself whether the risk of developing periodontal disease or other potential oral health afflictions is a worthwhile risk. With that, you’ll find that dental implants are a necessary investment to your overall health.

The average implant costs anywhere from $3,000-7,500. An understandable question is why the range is so vast. This will all depend on how much work you need done in your mouth, how much damage there already is, and what other things you dentist will have to do in order to successfully implant your new tooth.

A Lifetime Service

Unlike bridges and dentures, implants are synthetic devices that are inserted into living tissue and the jaw bone. This is a specialized procedure that not all dentists have the experience or capabilities to perform, and the risks associated with improperly inserted implants are high. This is why the service commands a somewhat higher fee, and why it’s so important to visit a dentist who’s practice focuses on dental implants.

On the upside, once complete, the treatment is long lasting and provides a full restoration of your original tooth’s functioning and appearance! When stressing the importance of the latter, there is simply no better alternative available.

As said, this is not one procedure that you want performed by an unqualified practitioner. It is something that needs to be performed right the first time, and as such, finding the right dentist is an absolute must.

As it pertains to implants, the more experience, the better. Instead of focusing on what you may have to pay now whether out-of-pocket or VIA a payment plan, consider the benefits of having a healthy mouth that will be free from disease for years to come. The choice is simple!


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