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Why Are Dental Implants More Expensive Than A Root Canal?

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Dental implants are as close to your real teeth as the world of cosmetic dentistry can come. They look and feel very natural and have an impressively high success rate. They do, however, come with a price tag that reflects both the quality and the technology behind the procedure.

Dental Implants vs. Root Canal

An implant is not just the cost of the procedure, it is an investment in your future oral health and the durability of your teeth. Below are some of the reasons why a dental implant is more expensive than a root canal.

Length of procedure. Implant surgery is very thorough and precise, ensuring a lasting and durable result. After extracting the existing tooth, the implant is placed in the jaw, and a porcelain crown is affixed to the post. The procedure is spread out over a number of separate visits because a good deal of time is invested in the end result.

This complex procedure has lasting results with a finished product that dentists and experts stand firmly behind, and even guarantee and warranty for several years afterwards.

They are built to last. Dental implants may require a periodic adjustment, but they are built to endure and can last a long time if properly cared for and maintained. The quality assurance is something that a dentist will stand behind, which brings great peace of mind to the patient.

Promotes bone health. The implant procedure is the only dental procedure available that actually maintains and even stimulates the growth of healthy bone. Over time, especially as teeth decay and die, the bone attached to the base of the tooth can start to recede. A dental implant protects against this and does more to protect against long-term bone deterioration than other procedures.

Elimination of further decay. An implant will not decay like a natural tooth. Even a natural tooth, properly cleaned of decay and infection, is still prone to redeveloping the same problems that necessitated an operation in the first place. An implant eliminates the problem of future decay in the tooth.

Tooth replacement is more sophisticated than ever, thanks to these complex and modern technological advancements. If you want something built to last that is going to provide more assured protection for your long-term oral health, especially the underlying bone and surrounding teeth in your mouth, a dental implant is a great investment.

A dental implant procedure is not the only procedure dentists perform to repair broken or damaged teeth, but it is certainly the most all encompassing and natural looking, and in terms of peace of mind, can pay dividends throughout the course of your life.


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