• Full Mouth teeth on implants¬†in 24 hours.
  • Guided implant surgery from start to finish.
  • Full mouth dental implant restoration in just 1 day.
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My dentist has recommended that I get a few teeth extracted. I want to have implants so that my ability to chew is not compromised. Can both the extraction and the implant procedure be done during the same visit?

The extractions have to be done with extreme care so that bone is preserved. However, thanks to the advanced technology that we use and the expertise of Dr. Hagi, we can complete the extractions and the implant on the same day. We plan the entire sequence of procedures so that extraction, implant placement and affixing the provisional bridge can be done in one single visit.  The entire procedure may take as little as 2- 3 hours.

Here is how we ensure that you can get the procedure done in a single visit: Once the extraction and implant fixing is completed the bridge is positioned so that it rests on the implant instead of the soft tissue. To ensure that there is no exposed socket to any risk of dry socket problems, we close up the gum effectively after surgery. We usually recommend that you start anti- inflammatory medication before the procedure so that your recovery time is minimized.

I have been told that 6 implants are the best option. Is this correct?

No matter how many implants you have, even if one of them fails, the restoration is not a success. Here are some facts about 6 implants that you should understand:

  • With more implants, bone grafting and sinus lifts generally become a necessity, and this increases the risk of failure with the procedure
  • The complexities involved with 6 implants may also increase your cost of the treatment
  • With more implants the overall natural bone area in the mouth reduces

Sometimes The All-on-4 treatment requires the placement of 4-6 implants and is designed to address many of these issues which is why we recommend the procedure to our patients.