• Full Mouth teeth on implants in 24 hours.
  • Guided implant surgery from start to finish.
  • Full mouth dental implant restoration in just 1 day.
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What happens during the maintenance check after my implants are placed?

During the maintenance check-up, the dentist will examine your teeth to see if there are any signs of bleeding, inflammation or debridement. Following this, the dentist will perform a scan to see if the bone structure has changed in the vicinity of the implant.

Is it possible to get bridges with a different look or shade after surgery?

In case you want to modify the appearance of your dental bridge, we suggest you come back in about four or six months time, so we can reline the bridges and see if the implants are integrated and accommodate any aesthetic changes as desired.

How do I contact you after office hours if there is an emergency?

If you have a dental emergency, you can call us at 905-709-3177. We will guide you further during the call.

Do you accept different payment methods?

We will tell you all about our fees when you come in for the initial discussion but yes, we do offer different payment methods to make things more convenient for you. You can pay by cash, or a certified check and we also accept major credit cards. If you need financing to pay for a procedure, you can explore Dentoplan, 3rd. party financing. As a value added service to you, we also file your insurance claims electronically. Talk to us to understand what is covered and what is not before you start the procedure.

Should I be worried about the quality of your care because your treatment costs are so much more affordable than others?

Certainly not! Our quality of care and treatment efficacy is the best you can find. Our procedures and treatments are affordable simply because of the number of patients we have and this stands as a testament to the trust and excellent reputation we enjoy. We also carry out some critical treatment related procedures and processes within our premises that others outsource. It is another reason why we are able to keep costs under control. Thanks to Dr. Hagi’s vast experience and expertise, the time required for each procedure and the number of visits needed to complete the treatment are both kept to a minimum, again, resulting in cost savings for you.

As affordable as you are, dental implants are still quite expensive. Why should I spend so much on this solution?

The surgical fees for full arch replacement start at $19,500. This may seem high to you but consider the cost of non-treatment. You are continuously suffering bone loss as long as you wear full dentures or partials. It eventually causes jaw bone damage, nerve exposure, and finally, the inability to function with regular dentures. At this stage, you will be forced to opt for dental solutions which may involve extensive bone grafts, requiring hospitalization and extended recovery. Ignoring the problem until you get to this stage actually results in your having to pay much more plus you have to factor in the suffering and discomfort that you will experience as well.