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I am missing nearly all of my back teeth and do not want to lose any of the remaining front teeth. While I have tried removable partials in the past, they are inconvenient as I cannot wear them all the time. Is there a way that I can have teeth that stay in place all the time to replace the missing back teeth, while keeping the front teeth as is?

Firstly, this is a common case that we notice in many patients. Secondly, we will do everything in our power to preserve your natural teeth, provided they are in a healthy condition and the accompanying support structures are in an acceptable range. Our dentist first carries out an evaluation to check if your natural teeth are healthy, as they may cause problems with the new treatment if they are unhealthy and left as is. We then inspect the support structure of the teeth, which includes the surrounding bone and gum structure to see what is the best way to replace the back teeth on a case-by-case basis. As far as the issues with removable partials are concerned, you may want to consider dental implants as an alternative; the prosthetic teeth will be locked in place and will not have to be removed on a day-to-day basis as with removable partials.

What is an arch?

An arch refers to the mandibular (lower) jaw or the maxillary (upper) jaw.

How will it feel to have all-on-4 implant bridges?

It will take some time before you can get accustomed to your new all-on-4 implant bridges, and especially so if your teeth have been missing for a while now. Patients may feel like a foreign object has been placed in their mouth during the first few days, and it will certainly not replicate the feel of natural teeth right from day one. However, you will gradually get used to the sensation of these implant bridges and they will come close to behaving like your natural set of teeth, in terms of function and feel alike.

How is DH Smile Center different from corporate dental clinics?

If you’ve been to a corporate dental clinic, then you already know that their approach is centered on shareholders rather than patients. It’s all about meeting monthly revenue targets at corporate clinics, and they will go all out with their advertising and replenish the accompanying budgets by charging patients extra. For every patient that walks in through their doors, the dentist gets a commission, and each of the many dentists in the clinic gets a share of the large expenses that you shell out. Patients get roped in on the pretext of a free consultation, during which the staff layout the financial considerations before a dental practitioner can even carry out a general check-up. At the DH Smile Center, our approach is patient-centric. We genuinely care about assisting each of our patients so that their dental health can be restored and the desired results are achieved. We have the expertise and technology to realize this and we think of revenues as just a by-product of our quality dental care.

My dentist referred me to another dentist on my all-on-4 visit for a consultation. How does this work?

Many dental clinics offer all-on-4 dental implant procedures, but are unable to single-handedly carry out all aspects of the procedure independently due to lack of technology, experience or other resources. They usually outsource or refer the patient to other dentists in the vicinity for different parts of the procedure. So you may be asked to see one dentist for the planning phase, another dentist for the implant placement, a third denturist for the bridge design and back to the original dental clinic for the converted dental procedure. This is not only problematic because you have to run back and forth between multiple dental clinics, but also because the dental fee of each of these practitioners will vary, and you may not be able to gauge what the overall costs add up to while planning your budget. Also, if part or all of an implant fails, then there is no clarity on whom you should be approaching or who is responsible for it. At the Thornhill Smile Centre, you have your all-on-4 dental procedure performed by one dentist in a single clinic, so that is not a cause of concern.

Will I know how the prosthetic teeth look before the procedure?

Yes, at Thornhill Smile Centre we digitally simulate your prosthetic teeth and smile by using Digital Smile Design software and protocols specifically designed for this. In fact, we even ask our patients to share photos of their teeth when they were healthy and the desired smile that they look to achieve with us, to see how we can incorporate it in their Digital Smile Design. With reference pictures, we can literally rebuild the smile of your youth. Of course, we ensure that the functionality is met first, and then match the aesthetics to get results as close as possible to your idea of the ideal smile.

Will I be featured in before-after pictures or videos?

No, we do not feature any of our patient pictures or videos without their approval. It is entirely up to you if you want to feature in them or otherwise.