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What is PMMA?

PMMA or Polymethyl Methacrylate is a material that is bio-compatible and pliable, with a low toxicity, due to which it has found its place in various medical substances such as lenses, bone cements and bone fillers, to name a few. In the dental field, PMMA was first used to fabricate denture bases. At Thornhill Smile Centre, we fabricate M-PM PMMA for our dental prosthetics without any inorganic fibers and fillers. The resulting material is tissue-friendly, strong and long-lasting as it is composed of cross-linked organic polymers. It is available in over 16 Vita and 4 bleach shades, and is resistant to stains, abrasion and plaque formation, so you can enjoy your new set of dental prosthetic that look as good as new for years.

What is a custom-milled alloy bar?

At Thornhill Smile Centre, we utilize custom-milled bars to make the results of your restorative dental treatment fruitful and predictable. Our milling machines help us develop custom metal bars with the complete passive fit. This means that you will not have to be worrying about weak metallic bars with porous surface due to laser welding, casting or soldering techniques as with many traditional dental treatments. The custom-milled bar is mounted inside the Acrylic or Resin bridge to bring you a dental solution that is strong, durable, stable and long-lasting.

What are Prettau Zirconia bridges?

Zirconium oxide is highly preferred when it comes to dental ceramics as it has an impressive tensile and flexural strength. This enables dentists to create a bigger structure with greater resistance to fracture (by nearly 200 percent), when the porcelain layer is eliminated. This naturally eliminates problems like chipping or abrasion. Prettau Zirconia also has other good properties such as high bending strength, temperature resistance and a set shrinking factor. These precision dental prosthetics are especially favourable in cases of gingival reconstruction or where there is limited space that is available for implant prosthetics.

How long will my implants last?

The answer to the question ‘how long will my implants last’ is not straightforward, as it depends on a number of factors, just in the same way how the life span of natural set of teeth varies from one individual to the other. If you consider natural teeth, they are traditionally supposed to last a lifetime, but factors like poor dental hygiene and irregular dental treatments get in their way in many cases, cutting short their lifespan. Same goes with dental implants. Once installed by a dentist, you cannot pinpoint how many years it is going to last as it depends on how well you maintain your dental hygiene, how often you visit the dentist, and your general state of health, which again depends on nutrition, genetics, lifestyle and other factors. Long story short, even your dentist cannot estimate how long your implants will last, just as with your natural set of teeth. However, choosing an experienced dental practitioner to install the implants and following it up with good care can certainly help in getting more years out of your implants.

How long will my dental bridges last?

The life span of your bridges depends on how well they are maintained. While there is a five-year warranty on them, they may last longer with good care. In case your dental bridge suffers a failure during the warranty period, Dr. Hagi will replace or repair it for no additional charges. Our Prettau Zirconia Bridges have a 10-year warranty, and the same applies to them.

Do you offer a guarantee on the implants?

At the Thornhill Smile Centre, we offer a lifetime warranty on our all-on-4 implants, for no additional fee. You will not find the same warranty with most dental practices, and may be expected to bear expenses for consequent procedures in the event that your dental implants fail, even if it was due to a workmanship fault. Dr. Hagi carries out each all-on-4 procedure with precision and dexterity, so in the rare event that your implants do fall through, the implant will be replaced with no additional charges for the implants or the procedure.

Know that you can get more life out of your dental prosthetics by caring for them regularly and getting a maintenance-check done on a bi-yearly basis. Plaque accumulation makes the area surrounding the implants vulnerable to bone loss and inflammation. This is why it is important that you talk to your dentist about the most suitable dental care routine and diligently it to maintain good oral hygiene and get more years out of your implants.

What are the other terms and conditions of the warranty?

We replace dental implants that do not integrate without any additional charges only one time. Know that it is important that you should undergo annual examination of implants and periodical clean-ups to claim warranty. Cases where the patient smokes or has developed an uncontrolled systematic health disease will not be applicable for warranty. If one of these conditions has led to implant failure, further examinations and tests will have to be carried out before we come to a conclusion on whether or not warranty applies to the patient.